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As a medical device distributor Spine Align Inc is considered an essential business. We will remain open on a limited basis.


Core Products

Elastic Pull-on Ankle Brace


Elastic Pull-on Ankle Brace-S1

Elastic Ankle Sleeve 

The Elastic Ankle Sleeve easily slips over the ankle to help reduce ankle instability and swelling. Helps relieve common symptoms of arthritis, sprains, painful arches or plantar fasciitis. Cotton elastic with open heel styling keeps you cool with high breathability and improves ability to sense movement within joints and joint position.

Lightweight with low profile, it can be worn with dress or athletic shoe. Dual tension, figure-eight construction provides compression and a reassuring feeling of ankle strength while providing high flexibility and breathability. Bilateral design. Available in XS, S, M, L or XL.  


Small  6” -  8”
Medium  8” - 10”
Large  10” - 12”
X-Large  12” - 14”