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As a medical device distributor Spine Align Inc is considered an essential business. We will remain open on a limited basis.


Core Products

Foam Cervical Collar


Foam Cervical Collar-2"1

Foam Cervical Collar For Soft Support

Made from 1” low density foam and covered with a 100% cotton stockinette, this collar provides mild support and beneficial proprioceptive feedback. Low contour design maintains the head in a neutral position and serves as a reminder to limit head and neck motion. One size fits most, up to 24” (61cm) neck. To measure, keep head in neutral position and measure from tip of mandible to sternal notch.

Item Description

CLR6218 2” Cervical Collar - Beige

CLR6219 2½” Cervical Collar - Beige

CLR6220 3” Cervical Collar - Beige

CLR6221 3½” Cervical Collar - Beige

Care Instructions

  1. Close all hook-and-loop fasteners to prevent damage to other fabrics.
  2. Remove the extra stockinette and wash separately.