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Thermal Core Moist Heat Packs


Thermal Core Moist Heat Packs-5x12

Thermal Core® Moist Heat Pack - Deep Penetrating Moist Heat Therapy For Professional Use 

 Thermal Core Packs deliver deep penetrating moist heat therapy to help relax sore muscles prior to professional treatment. 

The organic interior absorbs moisture and retains heat more effectively than conventional heat packs. Available in multiple sizes, packs can be used on backs, necks and other extremities to help relieve arthritic pain, sprains, muscle soreness or headaches.

Thermal Core Packs include tabs to allow professionals to easily handle hot packs. These color-coded tabs also provide a convenient visual indicator for pack rotation, ensuring that packs are fully heated prior to use. Covers are available (shown below) to vary the heat intensity by adding or removing layers of insulation.

Thermal Core packs should be heated in 160 F (71 C) water for 20 minutes prior to application. To ensure maximum effectiveness and patient safety, Thermal Core Packs should be placed in a protective cover before use. Our covers are available in terry cloth or foam lined version, allowing professionals to vary the heat intensity by adding or removing layers of insulation.

  • One Year Warranty
  • Helps relax sore muscles prior to treatment
  • Convenient color-coded tabs for easy handling 

ACC500  Standard Moist Heat Pack 10” x 12” (25cm x 30cm)
ACC501  Cervical Moist Heat Pack 6” x 24” (15cm  x 61cm)
ACC502  Oversize Moist Heat Pack 24” x 15” (60cm x 38cm)
ACC503  Spinal Moist Heat Pack 10” x 18” (25cm x 46cm)
ACC504  Half Pack Moist Heat Pack 5” x 12” (13cm x 30cm)