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Pivotal Health Solutions

V-1000 Vibrating Platform


V-1000 Vibrating Platform

V-1000 Features:
• All steel construction and not fiberglass! This eliminates problems with cracking of the housings.
• The surface plate that you stand on is a steel spring suspension rather that then rubber suspension. Combined with a steel construction results in cleaner and crisper vibration, providing better rehabilitation outcomes.
• Platform size fit for most offices
• Medium-intensity Vibration Training
• 27 Exercise Postures
• 4 Training Programs: Total Body, Upper Body, Lower Body, Abdominal
• 1 Manual Mode: Time and Frequency Controls
• Workout Display: Posture Exercise Program, Exercise Time, Frequency, Exercise Group
• Frequency: 20 Hz ~ 50 Hz
• Amplitude: 1.5 mm
• Force: 800 N
• Maximum Load: 308 lbs.
• Dimensions: L 36.7” x W 29.5“ x H 56.1”